What property modifications will keep down pigeon population.

Pigeons like any other birds make shelters in places away from humans and other predators. This is why it is not uncommon to find them seeking shelter in your home and its compartments. Pigeons make their permanent shelters in places like the attic, roofs as well as the chimney. Moreover, they can be a real nuisance if the make your property their perching destination. Driving them out without modifying your house in a manner that will ensure they do not return is a complete waste of efforts. So what are the modifications that you could add to your property to ensure it’s a no go zone for these birds?

• Proper cleaning of your yard and surrounding.

Ensuring that the area of your property is clean will go a long way to discourage these birds from invading your space. It goes as easy as ensuring that waste is properly disposed especially kitchen waste. This therefore solves the idea that your area is a reliable source of food. While disposing ensure that the trash can is one that can be firmly covered. Also, clean up the dried leaves and twigs in your compound.

• Sealing all holes.

Holes in your property are entry [points not only to birds like the pigeons but also to other unwanted creatures like rats. These holes could be in the attic area, near the roof or cracks in your walls. Repairing these holes means that you will prevent further access of pests and birds via these points in the future. It will be also wise to repair areas that are rotten or rusted.

• Installing spikes.

Spikes are items that are literally available in every hardware. They range from those made of stainless, plastic as well as steel. Spikes come as the solutions in areas that you do not want the pigeons to perch and yet cannot seal. These areas could be the balcony, or your front porch. All you have to do is install them and the pigeons will find it impossible to perch. Problem solved!

• Use of bird nests.

Bird nests are no doubt a good solution. They work to prevent birds from perching as well as prevent birds from entering the house through spots that you could not possibly seal. You could install the bird nets in areas like the balcony, the chimney spots and areas around the roof that give the bids access to the attic.

The bottom line is driving the birds away while still maintaining the inviting conditions in your property will do you no good as they will be sure to return. Designing your home compartments differently to discourage their coming and their stay is the key. Other methods could include use of scarecrows, odor repellant and sound repellent.

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