Should I Hire a Pro or Remove Rats myself?

Removing rats from your house or a garden is a very tedious and tiring job. It is not something you can do without full concentration and thorough thinking. Hence a profession was created to answer this woe. Now, the question is: should I hire a Pro or remove rats by myself?

Before going to the specific points on these choices, the first step would be asking the question: what type of rats am I dealing with? There are many kinds of rats: brown rats, black rats, roof rats, Norway rats etc. These types of rats have different interests and therefore have different places to hide. They are not similar in structure and movements. You have to use this information and base that on your decision in hiring a pro or not.

Hiring a Pro


v You can sit easy and let other people do the job. Rat exterminating is not a walk in the park and when you would rather be saved by the gruesome details (and tasks) then hiring a pro would be the best for you.
v Rat exterminators are experts (mostly) on this field hence they know how to handle carcasses and poison a lot better than an ordinary person. This could avoid a lot accidents and mishaps while exterminating rodents.
v Rat exterminators are pro at the art of minimizing damage to property when it comes to rat hunting.


v Expensive, very expensive. You have to pay for everything from the services to the equipment which they use a lot of.
v You are not fully in control of the methods they would do and the products they would use. I mean, yes, you can agree or disagree or even suggest but you cannot thoroughly follow on everything. Rodentecides are common in getting rid of rats and are not without its bad side. You might want to know if your organic garden will be still organic by then.

If you have some experience in rat catching or if you think you can handle the type of rat s that you are hunting then you do not need a pro. However, remember, if you mess up, the rats could be worse. If you have a roof rat and you do not know how to get rid of them then you might end up with a hacked roof and no dead rat. The decision is yours to make, just make sure that if you hire some people they don’t turn out to be scammers.

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