Should I Hire A Pro, Or Remove Squirrels Myself

Well there are a couple of things to consider before fully coming to a full conclusion on what to do about a squirrel menace in your home, garden or messing with your bird feeders.

What one should consider.
• The services of a pro will not come free of charge, so you may need to factor in cost of hiring as an important point to ponder.
• Your location. Yes it may be a waste of money if you expect the expert to rid you of squirrels if you live in wooded areas. Their population may be too high or they may be protected.
• Just how bad is the menace? If it’s not too much, possibly you could consider doing it yourself.

What next?

Assuming one has considered all the above what is next?
• One could ask a friend for recommendations, look up the directory or the internet.
• Once identified, do a background check on the company or individual one intends to hire. What are their success stories? Also, while eradicating a problem, one isn’t trying to invite another issue like robbery, therefore do a very thorough check.
• Once engaged, the rodent pro will probably check the site and see what the best solution is going forward.
• He will give recommendations, like if to use traps, squirrel baffles, meshes for gardens or high reaching poles for bird feeders.

Consider the experts recommendations.
It may make more sense to take caution with advice that involves extermination. Do a thorough research on what is legal or not. You may want to visit a wildlife protection office to understand what your options are. However, if what has been suggested is humane and safe for you and the animals, take heed to their advice.

If one can do it themselves, then why hire?
It may seem simple, but eradication squirrels may not be easy because.

• They adopt quickly, so your method may be beaten in time.
• There is chance of them inviting others over to your place before you can come up with a concrete solution.
• Because some of them are protected, your idea may actually be prohibited.
• You may not be well equipped to evacuate them if you decide to.

Our simple advice is; if they are out of hand, strongly consider the services of a professional as your methods may not be the best choice.

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