How to protect yourself from spraying skunk

What makes the skunks to spray?
Famously, skunks are known for producing a powerful odor that easily communicate a massage of insecurity in their environment. Skunks have several reasons as to why they spray. Some of these reasons are; protection from the predators wolves, badgers, coyotes among others. They will also spray just to protect their young ones.

Do you know how skunks spray?
In skunk’s digestive system, there is anal sac where the oily spray is stored. Skunks have the ability to shoot out their butts and release the spray for a distance of three meters away. The spray is of bad odor and believed to have some effect in the health system hence it is good to protect yourself from being sprayed.

Protecting yourself from being sprayed.
No one likes the odor from the skunk spray. Even animals such as dogs and other predators are disguised with the odor as they find it unfriendly. For this reason, you can protect yourself from being sprayed by several means, some of which we have discussed below.

1). be aware of the warning signs Before spraying, skunks issues ample warning which you should heed. These warnings are easy to notice, and they bear; stamping front feet, hissing, a raised tail, twisting the hind end in your direction and short forward charges.
2) Protective gears When handling skunks, carcasses and contaminated equipment, it is advised to put on gloves and other protective gear. In order to dispose the carcasses properly, use plastic bags to bury them in the ground, deep enough for the smell not to pollute the environment.
3) Body grip traps One may use lethal body grip to avoid being sprayed. But with this, the smell will still have some effect around your property. For this, it is good to live trap the skunk and relocate it somewhere else very far from your property to avoid the smell. Use dark, narrow and cylindrical shaped trap that will prevent the skunk from raising its tail to spray.
4) Contact wildlife experts It is not necessary to kill the skunks; in addition, this is regarded as not generally not good idea since stink will still follow. If you have a feeling that you are in need of live trapping and dispatching a skunk, it is a good advice for you to seek the help of wildlife experts.

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