Rabbit Prevention- How to Keep Rabbit Away From Yard or Garden

Do you have rabbit infestation and thinking of the best way to solve the problem? Are you thinking of the best way to prevent rabbit from increasing in population so as to avoid causing great harm to your property? Or you just want to keep rabbit away from your yard and garden? In case these are what you want you are not to bother as this article is about to offer you some preventive measures to control rabbits from taken over your yard or garden.

Alter Rabbit Habitat to Deter It from Yard or Garden
One of the best rabbit prevention methods you need to apply is altering the habitat. You can do this by removing the things that normally serve as coverage to rabbit. Cut down the grass and ensure you remove vegetations that are not necessary in your garden or yard. This will definitely make rabbit to feel uncomfortable staying in your garden or garden.

Plant Rabbit Deterring Plants to Get Rid Of Them from Your Garden or Yard
You can also deter rabbit by securing your structure but you must ensure the rabbits are all out before using this method. Also, there are some plants rabbits do not like in the habitat. Some of the undesirable plants to rabbits which can make it go somewhere else in search of foods include the honeysuckle, goatweed verbena and others. Rabbits do not like any of these plants and planting them in your garden or yard will put them off and make them go somewhere else in search of food.

Use Chicken Wire to Fence Your Yard or Garden against Rabbit Infestation
Fencing is another great way to keep rabbit away from your yard or garden. Just make use of chicken wire and ensure you burry the wire some inches beneath the soil. That will prevent the rabbits from bypassing the fence through burrowing on the ground. You can get the suggestion you need for your fencing from a food landscape designer.

Use Predator Urine to Remove Rabbit from Your Yard or Garden
Rabbits are among the wild animals that are vulnerable to so many predators, for that reason, they are always prepared to avoid their predators as quickly as possible. That made it helpful for you to prevent rabbit infestation in your property with the help of predator urine. Fox and coyote are most effective predator urine that can easily deter rabbit in any place.

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