What Should I Do With Raccoon After I Catch It?

The problem of raccoon in home, yard, and attic or even in garden can truly be overwhelming. Raccoons can cause serious damage to you if you allow it to share a portion of your property for a little time. That is why you have to try as much as possible to get rid of it without wasting time. Trapping is one of the most effective methods of raccoon removal and there are different kinds of raccoon trap you can use to catch the animal and remove it completely from your property. However, the problem is what to do with raccoon after you catch it.

Relocate Raccoons to another Place After You Catch It
It is normal for you to get confused about what to do with raccoon you caught on your humane trap. One of the best options you need to consider is to relocate the animal to another area that is far away from your home or property. It is important for you to know that raccoons are intelligent animal and can easily trace it way back to your problem and cause same damages that made you to set trap for it in the first place. So, you must relocate at least 10 miles away from your home to ensure permanent solution.

Make Sure the Raccoon Did Not Stay In the Trap for a Long Time to Avoid Dehydration
While planning on what to do with raccoon on your trap, it is important for you to do that fast and avoid leaving the animal on your catch trap for a long time. This is to avoid dehydration which can easily kill the animal. So, you must plan on how and where to relocate raccoons before even setting the trap.

Kill the Raccoon in a Humane Way to Ensure Permanent Solution
Killing raccoon in your trap is one of the options you need to consider. But, you must consider the law and regulation in your place before going ahead to kill the animal. Some part of the United States prohibit killing raccoons That made it important for you to consider the legislation of your place before going ahead to kill raccoons that entered your humane trap

Contact Professional Animal Control for Help
In case you do not know the best way to relocate raccoon in your trap due to fear of being harmed by the animal, you can contact animal control experts for help. They will know the best way to deal with the problem in order to grant you permanent solution at the end of the day.

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