Do Raccoons Climb Fences?

Raccoon is a dexterous animal with paw like hands used to tear up things and even handle object like human. They are known to be opportunist eaters as they usually eat almost everything that comes their way. They usually eat insects, frogs, snails, fish, crayfish, dead animals and others. The truth is that they can equally cause serious damages to homeowners through several ways. If they happen to find anything attractive in your property they can do everything possible to ensure that they gain access to your property. In fact, allowing raccoons to notice eggs and chicken in your backyard can make them ready to do anything possible to gain access into your home.

Raccoons can dig through your fence
If you are thinking of the best preventive method to use in order to avoid raccoons infestation, you can just think of fencing. Preventing raccoons from entry your home or property through fencing can only e effective when you ensure that you ensure that you burry some length of the fence underground. Also, you should consider removing some possible attractants to raccoons in order to avoid them getting into your property.

Raccoons can only climb short fence
You should not allow raccoons to gain access into your property to avoid suffering great loss. They can easily climb over short fence when they discover that there are things inside the house that are attractive to them. Make sure that you erect the fence very high in order to avoid raccoons from climbing over to eat up the things inside. If you do not want to allow raccoons to scatter things inside your house the best thing is to make sure that your fence is tall enough to avoid raccoon entrance. Fences made of wire mesh can prevent raccoon access The kind of item you use to construct your fence will determine the result you are going to get. If you want raccoons to cause huge damages to things in your house the best thing do is to use wire mesh for your fencing. You should ensure that the wire mesh is buried some length inside the ground to make it difficult for raccoons to gain access into your property.

The best way to get rid of raccoons
Have you wondered the best way to get rid of raccoons inside your property? You are not to bother as one of the best ways is to introduce eviction fluid. The fluid will help to scare raccoons around.

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