Is Raccoon That Is Active During The Day Rabid?

Most people still believe the myth that only rabid raccoons walk around during the day. That is not true as some health but hungry raccoons can decide to go out in search of food at any time of the day and night. But the only thing you must know is that rabid raccoon always feel restless, aggressive and uncoordinated. This is due to the fact that rabid virus normally move straight to the nervous system when it infect raccoon. So, instead of believing that all raccoons that walk around during the day carry rabies what you should do is to watch out for rabid sighs on any raccoons you found during the day before you conclude.

Why Most Raccoons Forage During the Day Time
There is couple of reasons why you can spot raccoons foraging during the day. A mother raccoons always need extra time to look for food and can easily decided to come out during the day notwithstanding its nocturnal nature. Also, a raccoon disturbed from its habitat can move away during the day time in search of another dwelling place. So, while moving during the day is one of the signs of rabid raccoons it does not conclusively indicate that all raccoons moving around in the day are rabid.

Some of the Possible Symptoms of a Rabid Raccoon You Should Know
It is just important for you to know the possible symptoms of a rabid raccoon so as to avoid being scared whenever you spot a raccoon foraging during the day. Some of the sighs include: Paralysis of the limb, Whining, drooling, shaking, and other zany behaviors. The truth is that raccoons showing these characteristics will not be difficult to notice.

What to Do When You Encounter Raccoon during the Day
If you sight raccoons going around during the day, you are not to do anything. Just allow the animal to go its own way and look for what to it as you go your own way. Never harass or kill a raccoon just because you found it forage during the day and think that it has rabies.

Protect Your Pet from Raccoons around Your Home during the Day
In order to be on the safe side, it is important for you to always protect your pet from raccoon both in the day and night. Never allow your cat or dog to move away from home hunting after raccoon so as to avoid getting a bite that will result to rabies or other infections.

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