Do Raccoons Eat Mice/ Rats?

Do raccoons eat mice/ rats? Are they able to keep the population of rats and mice under check? Is it possible to allow raccoons into your property in order to avoid rats and mice infestation? If these are your questions, you will surely get the solution through this website. Raccoons are known to feed on lots of animals including mice and rats, poultry and others. They are among the omnivorous animals known to feed on both plant and animals.

A must know about raccoon’s feeding habit
Raccoons feed virtually on anything that come their way and their feeding habit changes base on where they find themselves. While in the wild raccoons usually feed on different thing base on the things that are available. Also, when they find themselves within human’s inhabitation they normally feed on other kind of things such as pet’s foods, unwanted food in the trash and others. They are also known to feed on nuts, vegetables, fruits, berries and lots more.

The foods raccoons eat in the wild
While raccoons are in the wild, they tend to feed on the available food including both vegetable food sources and animal food sources. They feed on fruits, berries, rats, squirrels, frogs, crawfish, snakes, birds, fish, mollusks and others. If there are mice around the place raccoons find themselves they will be glad to feed on them also. But, raccoons usually find it difficult to catch rats due to the ability of rats to detect the presence of raccoons easily.

Some foods raccoons feed on while around home
Raccoons are known as the opportunist eaters that usually feed on all kinds of foods. If they come around your home, they can easily feed on your garbage foods, eggs, small livestock, pet’s foods, and whole lots of others. Raccoons love to feed mainly on chicken and can to go extremely to ensure that they feed on the available poultry around your home. The best thing to do is to avoid allowing them to even notice presence of your chicken around the backyard to avoid raccoons from frequenting your backyard to feed on the chicken.

Keep your poultry out of rich of raccoons
Raccoons can easily tear up your chicken coup to make sure that they eat up your chicken and the eggs. So, it is better you always try as much as possible to find out how to avoid the animals completely around your home.

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