What is raccoon eviction fluid?

Presently there are many different kinds of repellents which have been discovered and are now being successfully used in order to stop the raccoons from entering into the premises of houses. Initially it was thought about the chemical repellents that they cannot show effective response in straying away the raccoons. However this concept has been falsified with the passage of time as it was being proved by the users of certain chemicals that they can be very helpful in not only preventing the raccoons form entering the premises of houses but sometimes strong odors may also kill them. Among the various kinds of chemical repellents used against the raccoons, the most prominent one is the eviction fluid. It has a specific composition which acts in a specific powerful way to deter the raccoons and let them stay away.

Raccoon eviction fluid
The chemical composition of the raccoon eviction fluid is based on the fluids obtained from the raccoon itself. It is made from the urine of the male raccoon and some of its endocrine glandular secretions. Preferably these substances are obtained from the dominant male raccoon of the colony. This substance has a specific effect on the female raccoons and their babies. They are deterred and avoid t enter such places where an odor of this kind is present. If it is sprayed in the attic, chimney, wall or any other such place where a female raccoon might have set her den along with the babies, it could make her go from there.

Usually the female raccoons are afraid of the dominant male raccoons. The reason behind this fear is that the female raccoons are afraid of the males that they would eat up and kill their babies. Therefore in order to protect their babies, these female raccoons prefer to move away as soon as they sense the presence of any unusual odor like this.

Effectiveness of eviction fluid
Although we cannot say that eviction fluid has got one hundred percent efficiency. Moreover it needs to be sprayed all over the attic, wall, chimney and every other place where there might any chance of existence of a raccoon family. Even then this fluid is much effective and it works very well as compared to other kinds of fluids of the same kind. The most effective and convincing feature about this product is that it is the most humane way of removing the raccoons out of a place. This method also does not involve any kind of risk factor of baby raccoons getting separated from their mother or their being killed or starved.

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