What does raccoon feces look like? Where is it found?

The fecal matter that is produced by raccoons is characterized of being tube shaped and about three inches in length. It runs slightly smaller than that the diameter of a convectional hot dog. The feces of an adult raccoon closely resembles that of a dog. However, it is important to note that one differentiating factor between the feces of a dog and a raccoon that is, raccoon has undigested food remnants scattered throughout the feces.

Location of raccoon latrines

The location of relief for the raccoons where they can be found includes under the tree bases, beside tree stumps, open garages, under the decks and also in attics. The feces are fairly large, somehow textured and also the tips might appear rounded or broken off.

Causes of disease from raccoon urine and feces

Rabies happens to be one of the most transmitted diseases to humans or pets by raccoons. The raccoon roundworm is present in both people and the pets. The disease is spread through contact with infected raccoon feces. The transmission happens when the eggs pass onto humans. Upon contracting of the said disease, the potential results or effects includes larval parasites formation that eventually leads to the central nervous system being affected.

Cleaning a raccoon latrine

Removal of raccoon feces is a manual exercise that will involve the use of hands. It is however advisable to use protective gloves and also a respirator mask and if possible a Tyrek suit. The entire latrine is cleaned, removing any soils and insulations that are dirty and bagged in plastic bags. To kill the raccoon worm, a special cleaner is needed. The last step of the cleaning exercise is to fog the area with a good disinfectant.

Reducing potential of diseases

Various components can be used to control diseases including inspection, removal, disinfection and also pest control. Proper disinfection will help minimize any disease causing organisms in the places where the wastes are located. Removal of live or dead raccoons, feces and any other contaminated insulation that might be in contact with the raccoon feces should be done diligently. When the exercise is done without caution, it possess more risks and problems than it solves. Everything around the home should also be inspect to clear doubts of potential disease causing raccoons.

What does raccoon feces look like? Where is it found?

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