Do Raccoons Come Out In the Rain?

Raccoons just like every other animal usually stay inside their dens during the rain. But, that does not mean there is nothing that can make them to come out when the rain is falling. Mother raccoons can easily come out of their dens at any time whether rain or not when they feel hungry and need more energy to continue breastfeeding their young. These are the things that made it possible that you can easily find raccoons around your home during the rain.

Raccoons can move under shed during rain
If raccoons are sharing some part of your home, they will always find the best and most comfortable place to hide during rain. One of the places raccoons usually retire to when are living around your home is under sheds. Also, during rain, raccoons can still cause great havoc to things in the home. In fact, when you have raccoons outside during the rain one of the reason might be that the raccoon is serious hungry and need to eat sometime. But, when the rain is over, raccoons usually come out to feed on frogs, insects and other creatures.

You hardly find raccoons causing harm during the rain
When all things are equal, you hardly find raccoons moving around during the rain. They always find shed and hideout when there is heavy rain. But, when the rain is just drizzling, raccoons may not bother coming out to eat of things found around. Their ability to come out during little shower can be as a result of some attractants around. That is what made it important that you keep away things that can attract raccoons to your house.

How to make raccoons come out during the rain
Even as raccoons do not like coming out during the rain normally, you can lure them out of their dens and other hideout if you want. Just make then realize that there is poultry in your compound and they will even come out during heavy shower to make sure that they gain access to the chicken while you are inside your house.

Raccoons coming out during the rain can be a sign of disaster
If you find a single raccoon moving around your property or backyard during the rain, you should know that something is wrong. It is either that the raccoon is rabid or something really serious is happening to it. Just avoid going close to such raccoons to avoid being infected with rabies.

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