What Is a Raccoon Mating Habit?

Raccoon is one of the wild animals known for their unique social life and mating habit. The female in heat period will go in search of male for mate. After mating the male will go on its way while the female raccoon continue to nurture the pregnancy and the baby until the delivery date. The female raccoon will prepare nest of babies where it will stay to give birth to the young. One litter of raccoon normally contain about 3-5 babies. That means the animal normally have average of four litters of babies when they give birth.

The Breeding Season of Raccoon
The normal breeding season of raccoon is always in the winter but can differ from one location to another due to climatic and weather changes. If female raccoon did not breed during the winter it will come to estrus again within four months time and can then breed to give birth during the summer. The gestation period of raccoon has been calculated to last for 63 days. The female raccoon normally have about seven cubs at a time.

Male Raccoon Behavior after Mating
After mating the male raccoon do not always have much work to do rather it will move to wander away from the female who will be responsible for caring the pregnancy and giving birth to the baby as well as caring for the baby. If the female notice presence of male raccoon while with nest of babies it will move away from the area so as to avoid the male raccoon killing the babies. After mating the female in the winter the male normally return to den and stay there for the rest of the winter season due to the cold.

The Maturity Stage for Female Raccoon Breeding
The female raccoons normally reach their maturity stage to give birth to young ones when they are 10 months. After giving birth to the babies they mother will be busy gathering she will consume while in the den with the babies and also to ensure she nourish her offspring effectively.

Raccoon Babies and What You Need To Know
Baby raccoons are born with fur and four legs. Though their legs are not strong enough to support them which made them to remain in the den with their mother until they are strong enough to move around. The eyes of the babies are always closed until about three weeks when their eyes will open and their eyes which formally fold against their head will be erect.

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