Will a raccoon in the attic have a nest of babies?

Usually the presence of a raccoon in the attic area is always meant to have the females and their nursing babies. Usually male raccoons stay in the attic for a very short time period. It is only the females which not only stay in the attic, but also build nests, give birth to their young ones and then stay there till they completely nurse the babies to their grown age. Therefore in these cases it becomes very difficult to spot the whole raccoons and their nests along with the number of rodents which is residing up there chewing on your sidings and attic. It also becomes very difficult to trap the adults and get rid of them.

Getting rid of the baby raccoons
It is not at all easy to get rid of the raccoons especially when you are encountering the baby raccoons. In order to look up for them you will have to creep through the attic and find their nest. Only then you can remove the baby raccoons by just picking them up one by one by hand. Once you get the baby raccoons you can also use them in order to trap and catch the mother raccoon. Once you are sure that you have got all the animals, and then you can safely relocate them and clean up your attic afterwards. Sometimes, after removing the baby raccoons, it is also possible to apply the eviction fluid in order to make the mother raccoon run away from the attic. This technique has been very useful for the removal of adult raccoons.

In case you do not remove the baby raccoons
If you attempt to remove the mother raccoon and do not remove the baby raccoons, then this can be a threat to their lives. Definitely there will be no one to feed them up and they may die there. Finally they may rot up in the attic finally creating a strong and stinking smell in the whole house. Usually some of the wildlife trappers who are either lazy or are simply unprofessional trap only the mother raccoon and leave the baby raccoons to die and starve but this should not happen at all. It is better and more professional to climb up to the walls and listen to the sounds made by baby raccoons so that their nests can be located and they can be removed from the attic.

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