How to keep raccoons away from your property

Usually different kinds of wild animals and rodents get entry into your house through the garden. Therefore it is important to first of all save your garden area from the raccoons and other rodents of the same kind so that they may not enter into your house. While these animals pass through the garden and get into your house or attic, they also damage the garden area. Many people like to plant different vegetables and ornamental flowering plants in their gardens. These people who are fond of growing vegetables in their gardens should also be aware of the fact and should pay attention to it that their garden is not at all safe from the rodents and wild animals like raccoons which are either hiding behind the fence or have made certain hidden underground pathways to their gardens. There are some of the specific ways of preventing these raccoons from entering into your house, garden and hence your property.

Make enclosures around the house
The best strategy to avoid the entry of raccoons is to build fence or enclosure around the territory of your house. In this way they will not be able to gain entry in the garden or get a chance to spoil the vegetables and plants. Some people also prefer installing the electric fence around garden but that is not at all an effective solution because if you are keeping any pets or have children at home then it can be very dangerous. Therefore it is better to protect your property by making the barriers and fence so that you can be safe from raccoons.

Use chemical repellents
Certain professionals also recommend using the chemical repellents like the eviction fluid and other certain home remedies having strong odor which can deter the raccoons and help you to keep them away from your property. In this regard garlic sprays serve the best role and in addition to this, the eviction fluid for raccoons is also helpful.

Motion detectors
Installing the motion detector sprinkler in the front yard of your garden is a better option than using netting. This device senses even the slightest motion of animals within the range of about 35 meters. This device has been found very effective in detecting the motion of raccoons even if it is very minute one. Ultimately they can be prevented by the immediate action f the devices.

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