How to Keep Raccoons Out Of My Bird Feeders

If you are among those that enjoy setting up bird feeders, chances are you will have to deal with raccoon problem. They love to eat the bird feeders and can easily be attracted to cause further problem and damages to other things in your backyard through the bird feeder. Maybe that is already the problem you are facing which made you to start surfing the internet on how to keep raccoons out of your bird feeders. You are not to worry as the solution you need is just on this article.

Make the Environment Surrounding the Bird Feeder Unattractive To Raccoons
The very first thing you need to do in order to keep raccoons out of your bird feeders is to make the environment surrounding the bird feeders unattractive to them. Make sure you clear away bushes around, remove the necessary things that can easily attract the animal to forage in the backyard. The more exposed the environment is the more raccoons will find it difficult to forage in your backyard.

Increase the Height of Your Bird Feeder Pole with a Plastic Pipe
Just increase the height of your bird feeder pole by adding a plastic pipe to it. You can easily get a plastic pile from hardware stores around your neighborhood. Raccoons will find it difficult to gain access to the bird feeders when you raise it higher than normal. One nice thing here is that you will not pass through stress for you to increase the height of your bird feeder pole still stand chance of keeping raccoons out of your bird feeders.

Make Use of Raccoon Repellent Product
There are so many raccoon repellents sold in the market today which can help you to effectively keep raccoons out of your bird feeder with ease. Some of the repellents are made of granules or powder that mimicking the scent of predators can be a good repellent product to raccoons as they are always scared of predators attacking them. In fact, there are many products out there sold as raccoon repellent which you can use to solve your problem.

Remove the Bird Feeder at Night When Raccoons Are Most Active
Raccoons are nocturnal animal meaning that they are most active during the night than in the day time. For that reason, you can always remove the bird feeder during the night and replace it back during the day to keep raccoons from feeding on them.

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