Do Raccoons Burrow or Dig Holes?

The numbers of ground burrowing and digging animals will not be completed without making mention of raccoons. They are among the notorious diggers only that they do not dig their own holes. They can easily only dig out ground while searching for food. But, when it comes to finding den, they prefer to live inside hole made by other animals. Any hole you find within and around your garden may have raccoon inside even when it is made by other animals. There are several other reasons raccoons dig ground in the backyard, and other areas where they find themselves.

Raccoons dig when they want to gain access to place with attractant
If there happen to be anything attracting raccoons to your home, property, backyard they will likely tray as much as possible to gain access to the place. In fact, raccoons can equally burrow ground through a particular barrier to when they find something as attractive as chicken and eggs in the place. So, when you are asked whether raccoons do dig holes or burrow the ground the answer is yes.

Raccoons dig rarely for food
There are several reasons raccoons dig holes. They rarely dig holes for the sake of food as they usually find most of their foods on the ground surface. Also, if foods are scarce in a particular place, there is tendency that they will dig the ground to find insects and other kind of animals that serve as food sources to them.

How to know when you have raccoon’s infestation in your property
If you have raccoons in your property, you will always discover that the environment will be dug. But, that does not mean that raccoon is the only animal that digs around as there are many other animals that have ability to dig. Even as raccoons usually dig, they do not make their burrows or den through digging as the rather prefer to live in the hole made by other ground digging animals. The digging ability of raccoons is dependent on the season of the year as more digging usually takes place in the spring and fall than in other seasons of the year.

How raccoons dig up holes in environment
Have you ever wondered how raccoons usually dig up ground? They usually do that with the help of their paw like hands. They have sharp nails that enable them to cut anything that stand as obstacle to them.

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