Do Raccoons Make Good Pet?

Due to the cute, beauty and precocious nature of Raccoons most people wonder if they can make good pet. Some have even tried to keep this animal as pet only to get what they never bargain for with the animal. What you simply need to know is that raccoons are wild animals and will not be free enough to live in conferment for the rest of its life. In fact, it is illegal and unethical for you to capture healthy raccoon and force it to live within your custody. So, if you are among those asking whether raccoons make good pet the answer is simply No. You will get the reasons why raccoons do not make good pet through this article.

They Are Wild Animal and Their Maintenance Is Very High
One thing you need to know is that wild animals and pets do not have much in common. Raccoons belongs to the wild animal group and cannot possible be tamed as pet. In fact, if you try to tame them as your pet, you are going to experience high maintenance cost in the process which will be better for you to go for already known pet and avoid raccoons totally.

It Is Against the Law to Keep Raccoons as Pet in Some States
In some states within the United States, it is against the law for anyone to capture and force wild animal to live with human. So, since raccoon is wile animal, you will be going against the law of the states when you try to bring raccoons into your home with live with you and your family.

Raccoons Are Tremendously Destructive In Nature
Being a wild animal, raccoon has wild and destructive nature attach to it lifestyle. For that reason you should not even try to tame it as it will definitely cause serious damage to your home. Their normal foraging place while in the home is the garbage meaning that they will definitely carry bacterial and other pathogens into your home to infect people around with disease.

They Are Notorious Biters an Can Cause Harm to Pets and Children
All wild animals are known to be good biters and raccoon is not exempted in this. For that reason, you can easily fall victim of raccoon bite when you keep it as pet in your home. Also, your children and pet in the home will be at risk of raccoon bites just with little provocation to the animal. These are why raccoons are not good pets.

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