Do Raccoons Hibernate?

The winter season is the season most animals normally go into hibernation. It is the season some wild animals are known to remain in their dens for quite a long time without need to come out to look for food. Some of the animals that normally hibernate are known to experienced reduction in their body metabolism making it easy for them to remain in their dean till the end of the winter season without exhausting their stored energy. But, the case of raccoons is different as they usually remain active round the year.

Raccoon are scarcely seen during winter but abundant during summer
Raccoons are known as cute little wild animals with paws used to handle things. They are highly efficient in killing some innocent animals without showing any kind of mercy to them. Homeowners do not always worry much about raccoon’s infestation during the summer as they are scarcely seen around. But, in the winter season they are always popular around the city, the town, homes, gardens and others.

Raccoons usually curl up during the winter season for some months
Raccoons usually move back to their dens during the winter season. They normally curl up in their dean to avoid being killed by intense cold. While in the curled position their body metabolism is known to be reduced ensuring that they remain in their dens for a long period of several weeks and even up to a month. Though raccoons do not come out easily during the winter season, it does not mean they do not come out at all. They are known to always come out when they think the weather is okay for them to move around.

You can equally find raccoons around your garden and homes
Finding raccoons round your homes and garden during the winter season is not unlikely as it is what an easily happen. You will always find them moving around mostly when the cold winter is not harsh. In that regard, you should never give them opportunity to even think of coming around your home for any reason in the winter season.

Raccoons still have tendency to cause damages in winter
You should stop suspecting other animals to be responsible for eating up your pet’s foods, scattering things in the dustbin and others as raccoons can still be responsible for that. So, make sure that you consider the best removal method to ensure that raccoons do not come close to your property to cause damages during winter.

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