How to get rid of raccoons in the attic

Are you having a really bad time with raccoons in your attic? Well many people do too. In order to come up with an effective way to get rid of the raccoons in the attic, you need to understand what they are doing in the attic in the first place.

Why are their raccoons in your attic?

  • Safety- your attic provides a safe haven for the raccoons to hide from their natural enemies.
  • Near food sources – your home can be considered the raccoon’s five star hotel. There is food, accommodation and leisure away from the hustle and bustle of normal life in the woods.
  • Shelter from harsh weather conditions – the warmth of your home can never compare to the harsh realities of life in the woods. Especially extreme weather!
  • Most likely they are raising young ones. 90% of the time, the reason they simply won’t up and leave your attic after a few days is because they have pups in your attic. Your home is effectively a maternity ward and nursery to raccoons.
How do you remove them?

The most effective way to keep pesky raccoons out of your abode is by ensuring you take away the ‘five star feel’ in your home from them. Make them as uncomfortable as you can.
  • Remove the babies from the attic and use themas bait for the mother. She will follow her babies to whatever location you take them. Ensure she sees you moving the babies to encourage her to follow you.
  • You can also physically remove the adult raccoons by trapping them with body traps or snare poles.
  • Raccoon eviction fluid- this is male raccoon urine and is very effective in evicting the mother and her young ones. This is because the urine has a poisonous fume that kills the young pups. Therefore the mother moves her pups quickly.
What next?

Once you have removed them, ensure you seal all entry points into your attic. Also ensure your compound is clean of any food that may attract raccoons.


Commercial repellents have not been effective with total removal of raccoons from attics. Mainly because they work for a short time and later fail. Therefore, consider using natural methods to remove them. Consider excluding your home by blocking any entry and possibly keeping a trained dog to scare them off.

How to get rid of raccoons in the attic

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