Can Raccoons Jump Onto Houses Or Over Fences?

If you are among those asking this question, the short and simple answer to it is that they do not usually jump well, but are well known climbers. For that reason, raccoons can easily get into any part of your house like the roof, and others. Another thing you should know about raccoons is that they do not even have the ability to jump over high fences and houses. You have the likelihood of getting raccoons as visitors if you are living in woodlands or you have your house within flowing stream and parks.

Raccoon infestation in homes and what you should know
You are going to have high risk of raccoon in your house when you allow some attractants here and there. Having your garbage around your home without closing it properly can result to raccoon infestation as they always like to eat from garbage. You also should not allow large population of insects, rats, mice, frog, small snakes and others in your backyard as they can easily attract raccoons around. They can climb up halfway to jump into your property when they discover availability of food sources around a particular environment.

Raccoons are agile enough to jumps and climb
It is nice for you to know that raccoons are really agile animals that can easily move with great speed while climbing. If they find trees around your fences and houses, raccoons can easily move from the trees into your house to cause great damage. So, if you want to avoid raccoons gaining access to your property, the best thing you should do is to ensure that you cut down the trees within and around your property and they will definitely go away.

Ensure you do not allow raccoons to come close to your property
If you do not want to suffer loss in your property, you have to try as much as possible to avoid giving raccoon easy access to your property. Try as much as you can to erect tall fence using wire mesh with some part of the wire mesh buried some inches underground. That will discourage them from coming anywhere closer to your property.

Remove food sources around your home and raccoons will go away
There is no other better ways to ensure absolute removal of raccoons from your property if not by getting rid of their food sources. Ensure you do not allow it discover anything that will make them pick interest into your property in the first place.

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