Do More Raccoons Live In Urban Areas or Wild Areas?

Over the years raccoon has learnt to dwell more with human in the urban area than in the wild where it naturally belong. This fury wild animal prefer going to the urban areas where it can find enough food than living in the wild where it will have to struggle to get food. Most raccoons in the wild normally go hungry when there is no food available for them. But that is not a case with raccoons in the urban area as they always find food to eat from garbage outside home, garden and even pet foods in the neighborhood. That is why you an easily find more raccoons in the urban in US than in the wild.

The Reason Why Raccoons Live More In the Urban Than In the Wild
Raccoon is one of the wild animals that prefer living with human than dwelling in the wild for several reasons. They always move from one den site to another in search of safer and more protected zone for their babies. Since human normally build neither house with some reserve and unused areas like attic, under porches, deck and others raccoon nor decided to dwell with human so as to not only find enough food without struggle but also find shelter within the food sources.

The Feeding Habit of Raccoons and How They Select Their Habitat
Raccoons are omnivores which mean that they feed on variety of foods including plant and animals as well as human prepared food. For that reason, they are easily adaptable to human inhabitation in the urban area. More so, due to strict law protecting raccoon in some states of United States raccoon now feel to belong to the community just like every other animal and pets around. That is among the reasons why they prefer living in the urban area more than in the wild.

Raccoons Prefer To Live In Manmade Shelter Than
One more thing you need to know about raccoons is that they do not make their own shelter. For that reason, they normally prefer to live in already made safe and protected area like your attic and others. That is the reason why the animals prefer to live more in the urban area where it can easily find a place safe place for the children.

Things You Must Know About Raccoons in the Wild
While raccoons are mainly found more in the urban area in United States they are not really free to move around in urban area in other part of the world. Also in some other part of America where there is not law protecting them they do not freely walk around in the urban areas.

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