What Is Raccoons Natural Diet

Raccoon is a cute, fury animal that loves to dwell more in the place where there are large variety of food sources. The animal is omnivore in nature and eats virtually anything that comes on its way. The ability of this animal to feed on many food sources can be regarded as reason behind its high survival rate in any territory. However, it is important for you to know that while raccoons love to eat food from garbage due to their existence in the urban area, there are still some natural foods they are known for while in the wild.

Raccoons Love Eating Aquatic Life
Raccoons while in the wild usually snare most of their meal in the water. This nocturnal animal love foraging in the water in order to feed on aquatic lives. Some of the aquatic lives raccoons feed on are: frogs, crayfish, fish and other animals living in water. Since raccoons are good swimmers catching aquatic life does not give them trouble at all.

Feed Mainly On Mice and Insects While On Land
Being omnivore they can feed on variety of foods depending on where they find themselves at a particular time. If raccoons move to the land they will be feeding on insects, mice and other small animals that move around on the land. For that reason they do not lack food at any point in time normally where they find themselves at a particular time.

They Eat Egg Plants and Other Nuts
Raccoon on the land do not only feed on meats but also love to add variety to their meal by mixing their food with plant and meat. They can feed on egg plants while on the land and others. That is the reason why you need to worry when raccoon visit your garden with egg plants and others. They can even dig holes in your lawn and ridges in search of insects while in your garden. For that reason you are not to allow them to spend visit your home or garden twice as that can result to serious damage more than you can condole.

Feed On Fruits and Other Plant Food Sources
Do you have fruits and plants in your garden? Must pray raccoon did not visit your garden as it can eat up the plants and fruits within a night. If they are not in the wild they can feed on manmade foods just to ensure they survive.

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