What to Do About Raccoons on the Roof

One of the places raccoons love to inhabit while living with human is on top of the roof. This is always in their bid to get a safe and protect area for them to make nest of babies. They can easily get attracted to your roof mostly when there are trees all around your house as they are good climbers. For that reason, the first thing you need to do when you discover presence of raccoons on your roof is to remove the means through which they climb to the roof in the first place. That will simply mean cutting down tall trees around your house.

Remove the Things That Attract Them to the Roof
There are some certain things that normally attract raccoons to roof. If raccoons find debris or even gap under the eave the can easily be attracted to climb up to your roof. For that reason, you can prevent and discourage them from climbing to your roof by removing the branches that are touching your roof then go ahead and install steel mesh which will help stop them from access the gap in the eave.

Inspect Your House Whether There Is Any Entry into the Attic from the Roof
Raccoons do not only like your roof but so much love to dwell in your attic. For that reason, if they find any gap or entry point to your attic it can easily attract them to climb on the roof. So, you have to ensure that you inspect your roof and close all entry point to your attic. That can help you discourage raccoons that want to take over your attic.

Trap and Remove Raccoons on Your Roof
You can remove raccoon on your roof through trapping. In fact, trapping is among the most effective wildlife removal method and always work with raccoons. For that reason, you have to go ahead and set trap for raccoon on the roof so as to catch and remove them from your roof permanently.

What to Do When You Want To Set Trap For Raccoons on the Roof
You must ensure perfect protection of shingles while setting trap on the roof for raccoons. For that reason, you have to add trap backing while setting trap for raccoons on your roof. You can make use of lather or inhumane trap or even go for cage or humane trap. It will just be left for you to decide.

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