How to get raccoons out of the attic?

It is not essential only to get the raccoons out of the attic or any other portion of your house where they are present. It is equally important to seal all the entry points of raccoons so that once you get rid of them, you may also manage to ban their entry forever and the raccoons may not get another chance to enter the house. Most of the time the raccoons are found roosting and breeding in the attic of the house. That is in fact the favorite place of breeding and roosting for the climbing rodents like squirrels and raccoons. The first step in getting rid of the raccoons is the close inspection of house to check for the entry points of raccoons so that these points and places should be sealed.

Blocking all the holes
It is better to close all the holes by means of a wadded newspaper. After this, the holes should be closed and left for three days. This is to check if these holes are being used by the raccoons to enter in or go out. If these are being used, the newspaper will be disturbed and its position will be changed. Otherwise you can work safely and satisfactorily.

Whether raccoons are females or babies
If you have found any raccoons entering through the holes into attic, the second step is to find out whether these raccoons are females and babies. If this is so, then you will have to wait for come days. The life cycle of raccoons is short and the babies grow up very early. Once the babies grow old, they will simply leave the nest along with their mother and will abandon the attic. Before reaching the full grown age, the baby raccoons cannot live without their mother independently. If you try to trap the whole family of raccoons by yourself and then if you make an attempt to relocate them, then this could be hazardous for their life and serve to be a threat to raccoons’ survival. Therefore such try should not be made unless done by a professional. Only a wildlife expert will know exactly how the reunion is made successfully among the baby raccoons and the mother.

Create one way exit points
It is recommended by some professionals to create the exit points in such a way that the raccoons after going out may not come back in the attic of the house. These spaces may consist of the crawl in areas or the doors which serve only for the one way opening. Through these places, once the raccoons crawl out of the house, they cannot come back again. This is also the best way of carrying out a reunion between the mother and her babies.

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