How to get raccoons out of the chimney?

The worst part of a house to get cleaned up is the chimney of the house because a person can climb up the chimney with great difficulty. It becomes even more difficult to clean it up if any animal gets trapped in it. At times it so happens that the animals like raccoons do get up there and build their nests. Especially when the female’s raccoons go up in the chimney, they not only build their nests but also give birth to the babies and rear them until they get independent. This factor is especially very dangerous because an accumulation of animals in the chimney can cause severe blockage of the exhaust air and hence can be very dangerous for the overall infrastructure of the house.

Getting rid of the raccoons in chimney
There are several ways of getting rid of the raccoons which get to live in the chimney. Some of the common ways of getting rid of the raccoons in the chimney are as follows:

Pouring hot pepper oil
Pepper is a strong repellent especially for the raccoons. Therefore experiments were carried out to know about the most distinct form of pepper in which it may be used in order to repel the raccoons and get them out of the places like chimneys. It was found after carrying out a number of researches that the most active and effective form of pepper is in the form of hot pepper oil or as the pepper spray. Any surface which is sprayed or brushed with the pepper oil has strong deterrent properties for the raccoons and they prefer not even t touch those places.

Applying physical barriers
Applying physical barrier is the safest and most long lasting way of preventing the raccoons from entering into the chimneys and making nests over there. Usually chimneys are the places where it is very difficult to apply any physical barrier. Even then there are some ways to seal the chimney and still the passage for exhaust air and smoke can be allowed freely. Usually this is done by covering all the open sides of the chimney by means of a wire mesh. This can make the raccoons, bats and other rodents of this kind stay away from the chimney. Similarly there will be no obstruction to the passage of air through the chimney as well. Therefore one can save the chimney and in this way the house from being invaded by these critters.

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