How to Prevent Raccoons from Pooping In My Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool can be the most attractive parts to raccoons in your home. They love water as they always wash not only their hands but also their foods before they eat them. Maybe you do not know much about the reason why you should completely avoid raccoons from pooping in your swimming. The poops can cause lot of bacteria diseases including roundworm, Leptospirosis, salmonella and others. These diseases are so deadly that you do not have to play around with them. That is among the reasons why you have to do everything possible to prevent raccoons from pooping in your swimming pool.

Use a Pool Cover during the Night When Raccoons Are Most Active
You can easily prevent raccoons from pooping in to the swimming pool by covering it when it is not in use. Since raccoons are nocturnal animal and most active during the night, it is important for you to cover the pool when it is night and open it in the day when you want to make use of the pool.

Fence Around Your Swimming Pool with Wire Mesh
Apart from covering the pool in the night to avoid raccoons pooping in there, another thing you need to do is to fence around your swimming pool using wire mesh. The fence must be a bit high to prevent them from jumping over it when they are attracted to swimming around your pool. You can easily find wire mesh fencing material from hardware store around.

Trap Raccoons with Humane Trap and Relocate
Trapping is the oldest most effective method of wildlife control. You can trap the animal to prevent them from gaining access to your swimming pool. But, you must consider the legislation of your state concerning raccoons and know whether it is allowed or not. Most states in the United States have law that prohibits trapping raccoons. That is why you need to check your state law before caring out trapping method for your raccoon control.

Make Use of Coyote Urine to Deter Raccoons from Your Swimming Pool
Raccoons are always scared of coyote which is their major predator and enemy. For that reason, you can easily scare raccoons away from your swimming pool and prevent them from pooping in there by deterring them with coyote urine. There are other predator urines you can equally use to scare raccoons away from your swimming pool which you can get from pest store.

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