Do Raccoons Live In Trees and Sleep In Trees?

While raccoons are popular across the United States, they are not likely to be seen due to the fact that they are nocturnal and always move in the night. Raccoons are mostly active during the night and most people are always wondering where they prefer to live during the day when they are not moving around to look for food. In case, that is what you are searching for, this post is made to provide you with the information you need.

The habitat of raccoons you should know about
Raccoons are known to live in different habitat. Their habit is always dependent on the weather whether in the summer, winter, fall or spring. Some of them are living in the urban areas where they can find large supply of food and water sources. Also, they are always going to areas with protection from their enemies to ensure that they are not disturbed in anyway. Raccoons usually turn the burrow, logs, and rock piles and even brush piles to their den when they find out several food sources there.

Raccoons during the day time
Raccoons do not usually move around during the day time. But that does not mean that they cannot move out in the day when they need be. Sometime when mostly the mother raccoon is hungry and need additional energy to continue breastfeeding the young, they likely to move out during the day in search of food. But, you should always be ware of raccoons moving in the day time as that can be sign of rabies. A rabid raccoon may not be able to differentiate the day from the night.

Raccoons during the night
During the night, it is not unlikely that you can easily find raccoons when you are in the area with their large population. They normally move around during the night to look for food. That is why their damages are mostly caused during the night time than in the day. They can move into your chicken coop, garbage can and other things in your home mostly during the night time.

Things you must know about raccoons
Due to the fact that raccoons are often found on trees, most people are thinking whether or not the animal usually live on trees. But, the actual truth is that they do not live or sleep on trees. Rather they love to climb trees to rest or hide away from their enemies.

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