Do Raccoons Use Tools?

Raccoons are known to be physically skillful and they can easily move and display some skilful physical movement unlike other animals. Another exciting thing is that raccoons normally use their hands to manipulate object around and can open doors and even handle tools if situation call for that. These are the reasons why raccoons are said to be dexterous in nature. They can even steal food from pets like cats and dogs using their hands. Even when the dog or cat wants to scare them away can stand to use their two hands to carry the food and run away.

Raccoons Can Open Door with Their Human like Hands

Do you want to exclude raccoon from your property and compound by closing doors? Do you think that you can avoid raccoon in your chicken coop by mere closing the door without locking? If these are your thought you can think again as raccoons have ability to open even closed doors. They can open the chicken coop to eat the eggs and chicken inside there for dinner. So, you should learn to lock your chicken coop when you want to prevent raccoon from feeding on the chicken.

With Specially Modified Thumb Raccoons Can Grab Things Like Human

You may wonder why raccoons have such great sill and ability to handle tools and objective but the truth is that this is due to the nature of their paws and thumbs which look similar to human own. They can gram objects and even carry the plate you use to serve your pet food when they discover that they will not be able to eat the food there.

Raccoons Can Tear Up Lawns Using Their Hands

Raccoons in your garden and lawn can cause tremendous damages more than you ever expected at any point in time. They can use their paw like human hand to tear up the lawn in order to gain access to the worm and other things inside there. For that reason, you should never take it lightly with raccoons at any point in time if you want to avoid serious infestation and damages to your property.

Raccoons Are Very Smart and Dexterous Creatures

The truth is that raccoons are smart and extremely dexterous wild animal with ability to do lots of things including handling tools and others. That is why they can cause more damages in property than other wild animals when they get into your property, attic or even garden.

Do Raccoons Use Tools?

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