What to Do About Raccoons under the Porch

It is true that raccoons love to dwell inside the attic they also feel happy when they find their way to the deck or porch. What you should know is that raccoons are not necessarily looking for comfortable and convenient accommodation but simply searching for a roof over their head and some sources of food. That is the reason why you should not be surprised when you discover that raccoons have turned your porch into their den site. You are not suppose to waste time when you discover that raccoons have taken over your porch due to enormous damages they normally cause wherever they are.

Allow Them to Live As Soon As Their Babies Become Old Enough
It is just the normal thing for raccoons in the porch to live and relocate to another place as soon as the babies become old enough to move around. For that reason, if you discover raccoons under deck or porch you should just exercise patient for them to live as their young mature. Some people normally try to harass raccoons with repellent like mothballs and others which does not work.

Capture the Animal with Trap and Relocate to another Place
You can equally use humane trap to capture raccoon under the porch and relocate to another area. This will save you from the stress and damages associated with raccoons. But, for you to capture the raccoon, you must set your trap in a strategic place with best baiting method. Before going ahead to trap raccoon you must go through the legislation of your state about trapping wile animal like raccoons and others.

Make Sure You Watch For the Nest of Babies and Remove Them
The truth is that raccoons in the porch during the nesting season always have next of babies. For that reason, it is important for you to watch and inspect the under the porch if there are nest of babies so as to avoid the baby raccoons from starving to death under the porch. The best method to remove the babies is with hand as they cannot be trapped just like their mother.

Hire Professional Animal Control
You can save yourself the stress and expenses when you have issue with raccoon when you hire professional wild animal control around. They will ensure that they provide you with best and lasting solution to your problem without wasting your precious time or charging huge amount of money in the process.

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