Do Raccoons Live and Travel in Packs?

Raccoon always live solitary lifestyle mostly when it comes to excavating for goods around. But, you can still find raccoons living and moving in packs and that should be mother raccoons moving along with the young babies. Adult male raccoons do not always like to move together with the young as they are always in conflict with each other. You can find male raccoon living and traveling with female raccoon mostly during the mating season. However, after mating with the female the male will go on his way while the female will meet other pregnant coons to form community.

Pregnant Raccoons Can Form Live and Travel Together In Pack

After mating male raccoon normally go away to continue to live solitary while the female go and meet other pregnant coon to form community. For that reason, you can easily find pregnant female raccoon living and traveling in pack until when they will be due to give birth to babies. When it is time to give birth they will female will go their separate ways to find suitable den where why will born and nurse their babies till they are old enough to cater for themselves.

The Mother Raccoon Can Easily Be Seen Living and Traveling With the Young in Pack

After giving birth to young raccoons the mother will always been seen traveling in pack with the young. They always change den after sometime to ensure the young babies are completely protected against attack from the predators. The female raccoons do not allow male raccoons to come near them for any reason in order to avoid hurting the babies.

The Male Raccoon Do Not Move Together With the Female and Children in Pack

Male raccoons are always envious and do not like to sight young babies of another raccoon. In that regard the mother female raccoons normally do everything possible to avoid the male locating where she is with the babies. But after weaning the babies and get ready to mate again the female raccoons will start to search for male raccoon again.

Male Raccoons Normally Live Solitary Lifestyle

Solitary lifestyle is just the normal thing for male raccoons and you cannot possible see them moving in pack with other raccoons. Male raccoons coming to place with other male raccoon normally result to serious combat and fight. That is why they usually avoid staying and foraging together with others completely making them to live solitary lifestyle.

Do Raccoons Live and Travel in Packs?

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