How to keep raccoons out from under a shed or porch

Raccoons are smaller in size as compared to that of a house cat. Biologically they resemble possums and rats. Their body is 15­20 inches long on average. They have fur and a long tail which help them in climbing the tree. They weigh 4­14 pounds. They are found mostly in North America and few areas of Europe and Caucasia as well and they prefer to live in areas which are rural, suburban, and urban areas especially parks and near to those places where food items are easily available.

Signs of their presence:
Following signs of the presence of raccoons may be noticed around a shed or porch and after noticing these signs; suitable actions may be taken if required.

In order to detect the presence of any animal do consider physical signs such as hands or feet track. Look for the areas particularly mud and areas near garden which could lead them toward any food source nearby. If you spot any trace of their feet set a trap there. Buy them and make them attractive by placing the food items inside, this will attract them and they will get into your trap. Tomatoes banana and other fruits serve as perfect bait for them. Keep these traps open only at night as raccoons are nocturnal animals and it is the perfect time for them to get out in search of food.

At night as that is the perfect time for them to go out in search of food, if they are there in your porch you may hear some growl and hiss. You may also hear a screech when threaten them. If you detect their presence first call the animal control centre of your area.

Presence of food items:
They tend to go to every other place where they can find food. If you see raccoon in your porch then it is a possibility their eggs will also be there in small pieces. Moreover the raccoons can also be dangerous for the chicken because they bite them on their heads.

Do you know raccoons release some kind of greenish fluid out of their butts? As these scats may contain germs and disease so after trapping them wash the place. Use insecticides and other chemicals including phenyl to kill the germs to remove the possibility of any kind of disease.

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