What should I do with a rat after I catch it?

Usually people do not know what to do with the rats after they are caught especially when they are caught live in the cages and traps. Some people argue of disposing them of in a humane way. On the other hand there is also a class of people who are not in favor of the killing of rats. They present many options of getting rid of the rats without killing them. Usually there are certain situations when people after catching the rats lose them and they run away even before taking the decision about how to dispose them off.

Dealing with the rats in a humane way
It is very difficult to decide the way of getting rid of the rats after catching them as one has to do this in a very short time so that the creature which was caught may not escape again.

Knocking on the head of rat
One of the very humane and less painful ways of getting rid of the rats is to hammer them very gently on the head after catching the rat. In this way the rat is instantly killed as its brain and skull are stuck and damaged. This is the most preferred way of disposing of the rat after catching.

Killing them with poison
Some people use the poisonous baits for killing the rats so that they after eating the baits are killed at once or after a short period of time. However many people do not recommend and it is even not recommended by the professionals as well because in this way you are not sure as to where and how the rat is going to die and if it dies anywhere inside the attic or roof or in the walls, it will smell in a very stinking manner leaving behind the half decomposed mass which will be even more difficult to clean up.

Allowing the rats to escape
The most humane and civilized way of getting rid of the rats is to let them go off by means of the one way exclusion ways. This should be done in a proper manner and one has to make sure that the rats may not find a new way to gain entry into the house again. Therefore it is important to get all the points of entry and exit of the house sealed. All such points from where the rats can gain an entry again should be sealed first and only then the exclusion technique should be performed to get the rats away from house.

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