Will a rat in the attic have a nest of babies?

Eeeek! You see a big rat, then tiny rats running on the corners of your attic. If that’s the case, there surely are nests scattered in your attic. Before you start with any rat extermination plans, be sure to know more about them and their behavior in your attic. Being familiar to them can be used to your advantage in redeeming your own home from the invaders.

What to look for?
You usually hear noises like scratching or nibbling something followed by a squeaking sound. To make sure you’re facing a rat problem, look for trails or droppings similar to black or gray pellets for old ones and brownish for fresh ones with about 3 millimeters in diameter. For nests, your attic has dried plant particles, wood shavings, or holes in odd areas.

Where to look at?
Knowing where to look for these creepy nocturnal creatures and their babies will help you prevent them for continuously staying and breeding in your attic.

§ Any kind of insulation is a favorite breeding area for rats. This may include linens, old clothes, stacks of newspapers or books, or the likes.
§ Rats feel having their nests secured in pieces of furniture. Breeding ground under furniture is usually beside its legs or wheels. In between pieces of furniture is more likely to happen when you have sofas or dining tables and chairs stored in your attic.
§ Corner holes or in between wooden floorings are possible nesting ground for these filthy creatures. They are able to carve out their nests on wood and use the wood shavings as protection and/or disguise for their newborns.

When do they invade your attic?
These filthy creatures find for warmth and security. Your attic will provide what they need during winter season or cold months to multiply and survive.

How many can there be?
There can never be just one rat in your home. Once you see one, be prepared to witness several hiding in darkness. With a fast reproduction cycle, it is imaginable to have a hundred or more in a few months time. The average gestation period is a little less than a month, with at least half a dozen of pinkies per cycle. These pinkies are ready to start their own families after a month or so. Call it a rat invasion.

Dealing with the nest and offspring
Be sure to secure all entry and exit points in your attic. It is easier to control and kill them once they stay in one area. However, this must be done after you’ve tidied up your attic. It is a laborious task but making the place as well lit and clean as possible will definitely help discourage them to have a nest and turn your attic to a breeding ground.

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