Is rat feces dangerous to touch or breathe?

Usually the animals other than your pets when gain entry into your house and start residing there, they not only build their nests and live their but they also feed and produce their waste in the same environment. This is something of great danger and one should be alarmed if he waste is being accumulated and it is also known that it is a source of germs and infestations. Among such examples, the rat feces is one such thing which needs to be addressed and one should not let it go by considering it a harmless thing. This is because rat feces is something really dangerous as it is a reservoir of many germs and can spread many infections and diseases if it is present in or near your vessels or living area.

Why one should be concerned about rat feces
Sometimes it is taken completely normal by many people to handle rat feces while they just wipe out and clean the place without bothering about the amount of feces and the kind of germs which it might be containing possibly. Even there is certain care required while disposing the feces of rat because some species of rats produce such poisonous and contaminated feces that can be very harmful for humans if it is handled bare handedly. Sometimes the feces of rat bring so dangerous germs that can cause some very fatal diseases. Moreover if the amount of feces you clean daily is increasing day by day, then you should be especially careful about this increasing amount and should also know the reason behind that. Usually when the rats eat a lot amount of food, they also produce huge amounts of feces.

Diseases associated with rat feces
Whether it is rat feces or urine, both are very bad sources of diseases as they contain some fatal germs. The most common and important disease which is caused by the rat feces is rickettsia because the feces is carrying the virus for this disease. This disease is much similar in symptoms to chicken pox but has a different level of severity. In addition to this the infestation spread by the feces of rat can also cause a severe disease of brain called meningitis. In addition to this, the faces of rat also carry reservoirs of Salmonella bacteria which is the leading cause of many forms of diarrhea. Another disease causing agent is Leptospirosis which is also present in the rat feces.

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