What does rat feces look like? Where is it found?

Usually people take it normal to find the feces of different animals and then they also do not bother anything serious about disposing of the feces. However it should be taken seriously and the finding out of feces and disposing it of are not an easy and germ free matter. Therefore there are special concerns regarding the feces of rodents which should be taken into consideration especially those related to the spreading of germs and the procedure of infestation scattered by the feces and droppings of rodents. If you are having the frequent visits of different kinds of rodents like squirrels, rats, mice and bats, there may be a huge amount of and different kinds of droppings scattered in your attic or other parts of the house. Among the different kinds of droppings, it is important to distinguish and recognize the feces of rats. This will also confirm of the presence of rats in your house. The question is why one should be so much concerned about the rat feces. Basically the feces of rats are always produced in huge numbers. This means that the rate and risk of infestation is also greater as compared to the other rodents and animals visiting your house.

Identification of rat feces

The droppings of rats are in the form of small pallets either black or dark brown in color. The length of these pallets is about 3/8th of an inch and the diameter is about 1/8th of an inch. In many cases the variations in size and color of the droppings of rats is observed and that varies with the species of rats.

What germs may be present in rat feces?

Both the feces and urine of rats is containing germs of some of the deadly and fatal diseases. The most important virus it is containing is of rickettsia disease. This disease is similar to chicken pox in symptoms. Sometimes the rat feces infestation may also cause the disease of brain which is similar to meningitis in symptoms. In addition to this, there is a huge reservoir of Salmonella bacteria in the feces of rats.

Production of feces by rats

Rats eat many things at a time. They always keep on chewing on things and various objects. As a result rats produce a lot of waste and droppings. There are different kinds of materials which they eat and chew like wood scraping, wires, plywood parts, paper and many other things like that.

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