How to inspect a house for rat entry holes

So you suspect or have seen your rats in your house and are interested in removing or at least controlling them. Then the first thing you need to do is inspect your house and find out exactly how they are getting into your house. Before you can get to their entrances, you need to understand what it is that has attracted them into your home.

What will attract rats into my home?

• Rats generally like places they can forage for food. Therefore, there’s possibility that you have a dirty compound or home.
• You may be in the food industry and may be using your kitchen to prepare meals. Their sense of smell will attract them.
• It may be during a cold season and they are looking for a place to nest.

Why do you need to remove them from your house?
Well cute as they may look, you really do not want to be hosting friends and a rat comes by to take a nibble at the cheese and crackers you just served. Besides it’s not as if the rat will be patient enough for you to cuddle them. Basically rats can’t be an option for pets. This is because;

• They will chew into your things. Your house, wiring and insulation too as they try to look for new paths into the inside of your home or outside.
• Secondly because you do not wish to contract a disease like salmonella. They contaminate your food and water if you are not careful

So how do you find their entry holes?
For this you may need a flashlight. This is because they use the smallest spaces and holes to get into your house.

• First check in your attic and basement for their droppings and urine, this will give you a general feel of the routes they may use often.
• Using your flash light, carefully check for any burrow holes in the vicinity of the basement or attic.
• Check for any rub-marks along walls or in areas that seem to have cracks which you suspect could be their doorways
• Check around the house from outside for any burrows into the house.

What next?
Once you have established all the holes they are using to get into the house you can now decide on the best path of reducing them from your house. Either by excluding, trapping or killing them…You are ready to take appropriate

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