What If A Rat Got Inside My House, Bedroom, Kitchen, Etc.?

Constant stream of rats in your house can have costly implications. Rats are very destructive when they have access to your kitchen or bedroom. They will gnaw books, cabinets, plastic containers and other critical stuff. When you leave anything important unattended overnight, the rats will attend to it

Why did they pick your house?
Contrary to the common belief, rats are not attracted to filth. Your house doesn’t necessarily need to be messy to attract rats. They will seek anywhere that has food, water, and shelter. They will move in whenever there is heavy foliage and lush. A cluttered environment will also act as a safe haven as they provide cover and shelter. Once the outside seems convenient to them, they will get inside the house through holes and in no time, your once clean house will have poor sanitation.

When do they come in your house?
Rats can colonize an area and within a year, the colony can be up to 200 rats. The infestation to any house starts at the onset of the breeding season. Rats will definitely look for the suitable environment to bring up their young ones. When the season arrives, nothing else but sealed holes will prevent them from accessing your house. The safe house offers security for nesting babies.

Why you should get rid of them
When the infestation is a rife, you need to be overzealous in exterminating the rats. You need to invest in a rat deterrent technique that is orchestral enough to wipe them out. These rodents multiply very fast and can spur a boom in health risks. They spread diseases such as:

• Plague
• Murine typhus
• Leptospirosis
• Infectious jaundice
• Salmonella
• Hantavirus
• Rat-bite fever
• Tularemia and many more

They also carry parasites like ticks, fleas, lice and tapeworm. Besides sleep deprivation, there is a constant whiff of panic that causes emotional and mental threats.

What methods will exterminate the rodents?
Mechanical barriers and repellents are more effective than their chemical counterparts. The success rate of kill traps, live traps, and poison is very high. Using this methods constantly will exterminate the infestation. Multi-feed, slow acting poison are the best in poisons segment, however, you should be cautious when administering the poison. These methods kill the rats so you need to remove all the carcasses and reset the traps to catch more, or else the rotting smell will irritate you.

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