Do Rats Jump? How High or How Far?

Do rats jump? Can they jump over fence or jump down from attic to the house? These are among the questions most homeowners normally ask when they have rat infestation and looking for the next available to solve their problem. One thing you should know is that rats are smart rodents that can exhibit quite interesting characteristics. But even at that they still have their limit. They can jump high and fall from roof without dying. This article is specifically dedicated to explain more about ability of rats to jump and the possible height they can jump at any point in time.

Rats Can Jump Horizontal Distance of About 4 Feet

Looking at rats you may not be able to determine the level of their smartness until you see them display. They are good jumpers and can even jump horizontal distance of about 4 feet. That means if you place trap on their path they can easily jump and pass the trap without getting trapped. More so, they can jump over anything you use to block them from gaining access to any place they want to get to mostly when there are things attracting them there.

Rats Are Smart Enough To Jump Vertical Distance of About 3 Feet

Apart from the ability of rats to make some kind smart horizontal jump they can equally jump considerable vertical distance of about 3 feet. For that reason, if your fence is below 3 feet rats can easily jump over the fence to eat up anything you have inside there. Rats are more energetic when they notice presence of their food sources in a particular place and when they are running away from predators.

Rats Can Fall From Height of 40 Feet without Dying or Getting Serious Injuries

Still on the smartness of rats in doing lots of things they can even fall down from height up to 40 feet without sustaining much injuries. That means rats can easily jump down from the top of your roof, the attic into the house and others at any point in time without getting hurt.

Rats Are Smart Rodent That Can Burrow Through Your Walls to Cause Serious Damages

Rats are not only smart in jumping and falling down from height above the ground they are also good at burrowing and making tunnels through the walls and the ground. For that reason, if you try to block them out of your property with block fence they can easily burrow through the fence to gain access into the place.

Do Rats Jump? How High or How Far?

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