Do rats kill mice?

By simply looking at rat body, you may not know their ability to hunt other animals. However, in actual sense rats are good hunters and have the tricks that help them to hunt effectively and get what they will eat at any point in time. Another thing is that rats do not regard mice to be their brother or relative as they normally hunt mice and kill them in most cases when they are hungry. But, you may wonder the different between rats and mice as they almost have similar body morphology and look. In fact, they are physically same except that adult rats are bigger in body size than adult mice. In fact, young rats are as big as most adult mice.

How Rats Do Hunt and Kill Mice

Rats are notable for their special hunting style and ability when they come across their prey. They can hunt mice without passing through much stress in the process. To kill mice rats normally make use of the sharp teeth and claws to bite mice and ensure continue to bite until death. Rats are more eager to kill mice when they are hungry than they have enough to eat around.

Are Rats Carnivorous In Nature?

Hearing that rats kill and feed on mice can make one to wonder about the eating habit of rats. You may like to ask whether rats are carnivorous in nature that made them to eat flesh. Rats are known as opportunistic eaters and can feed on virtually all kind of foods available. That is even what made it easy for them to adapt in different kinds of habitat like homes and others.

How to Know When You Have Mice or Rat Infestation

Finding out whether you have rat or mice infestation in your home may be difficult if you have not come in contact with any of them physically. Rats are bigger in size than mice and the feces are bigger than the one from mice. So, if the rat you found in your house has large body size then you should know that they are rats and not mice.

While More Wild Rats Kill Mice than the Domestic Rats

Wild rats are known to hunt more mice than domestic rats. In fact, about 70% of wild rats normally hunt and kill mice when they are hungry while only 20% of mice exhibit such characteristic.

Do rats kill mice?

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