What to do about a rat on the roof?

Usually it is not only the single rat that might be living on the roof of you house. In fact it is the whole family and sometimes the whole clan which can be found relishing in the roof of your house. This is a very dangerous sign because with these growing rats in both size and number, there are rates of infection and the waste products increasing exponentially day by day. This entire situation can be very alarming and it is required to take immediate measures so that you can succeed in checking the uncontrolled growth of rats in your roof.

Ways of rat removal
There are some definite ways to remove the rats from the roof of your house. Some of these ways have been proved really helpful and have efficiently reduced the increasing population of rats in the roof of house. Sometimes it is also better to take advice from the professionals and experts of rat removal. They can advise you in a better way and therefore you can be helped in checking the rats living in the house. Some of the useful and effective means of removal of rats form the roof of your house are as follows.

Install cage traps
It is possible to reduce the number of rats in the roof of your house by installing a number of cage traps and snap traps in the roof of your house. This has proved to be a very effective means of trapping the rats. In this way you can catch live rats and if you do not want to kill them, you can then apply the exclusion techniques or can also relocate them. However one has to be careful and should keep on checking the cages after regular time intervals to check for any rat that has been caught.

Apply exclusion techniques
This is another safe and harmless way of removing the rats from your house. In fact it is the humane way of getting rid of rats. In order to make this technique workable, it is important to first of all seal all the entry points of rats in the house. This is necessary because once the rats are excluded out of the house; they may not come back from any point. After that one way exclusion funnels are installed which allow only one way passage of the rats through and in this way you can permanently get rid of these creatures.

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