Do Rats Have Bones? How Can They Fit In Such Small Holes?

If you have experienced rat infestation in your house you will discover that they have tendency of fitting into surprisingly small holes. They have ability to fit into some holes. Rats usually fit into small holes not because they have soft bones or that their bones usually come apart. Most people are of opinion that rats do not even have bones and some are saying that rats have collapsible bones that made them able to fit through very tiny and small holes.

Do rats have collapsible bones?
The idea that rats have collapsible bones is myths that have been carried along for very long time. This myth comes due to the ability of rats to fit through small holes that is the same with the size of penny coin. But, the actual truth is that rats have skeleton of bones. The bones are linked to each other with joints as well as cartilages the same way with human beings. The only thing is that rats have modified kin of bones that can easily compress when they want to pass through some tiny holes.

How do rats fit through small such small holes?
It is surprising to find out that rats can easily pass through some tiny holes in the house. This has nothing to do with them having soft bones or having bones that come apart. The main reason why rats are able to move through small holes is that they have long, cylindrical and flexible shaped bones. They are also burrowing animals that usually spend their lives moving down the tunnels. Also, they have ability to move through some tight pathway freely. But, sometime they usually get stuck while passing through some small holes.

Rat infestation and what you should know
Rats have the ability to infect people with serious diseases. For that reason, most people usually try as much as possible to avoid rats from getting into their house. Another thing about rats is that they have the ability to cause serious damages to things around them. These are the reasons you should always avoid rats coming around your house for any reason.

Can rats fit through holes of quarter size?
That will depend on the size of the rats. The small rats are known to pass through holes of quarter size while the large ones are not able to do that. So, the ability of rats to pass through some holes depends largely on the size of the rat.

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