Do Rats Carry Rabies?

Rats are known to carry several kinds of diseases minus rabies. They have the ability to infect human beings with different deadly disease but do not transfer rabies to human. So, if you are asking whether rats can carry rabies, the answer is simply know as they do not carry rabies like other warm blooded animals like raccoons, coyote, dogs, foxes and others. Despite the fact that rabies is categorized among the deadly diseases, it is quite rare among other animals.

What you should know about rat rabies
Though rats are among the warm blooded animals with tendency to carry rabies, they are not suspected to transmit rabies to human through bite. This is the reason those that have been bitten by rats are not recommended to take rabies vaccine shots. But, even as rats are not able to transmit rabies to human through bite other means, there are sever other deadly disease known to be transmitted to human through rat bite. Also, getting close to rat feces is another way of contracting some bacterial and viral diseases.

The reason why rabid vaccines are not recommended to those with rat bite
Have you wondered why rabid vaccines are not recommended to those that suffered rat bite? The reason is not farfetched. It is just due to the fact that rats are regarded as small animals that are not always able to survive bite from rabid animal like foxes, coyotes, raccoons and others. Any rat that suffered bite from any of the rabid animals will definitely die. So, they are not able to survive with the disease in them to transfer to human through bite.

Some animals that can easily transmit rabies to human and other animals
There are several animals that are known to transmit rabies to human through bite. A bite from such animal will make people to be of great concern about rabies infection. In fact, you need to take vaccines against rabies when you happen to be bitten by such animal. Some of the animals with capability to transmit rabies to human beings through bite include coyote, raccoon, fox and woodchuck.

Why you should avoid rabid animal
There are great reasons you should never go close to a rabid animal. Rabies is a disease that mainly affects the nervous system. It is the disease known to result to severe shaking, lack of coordination and lots of other issues.

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