How rats communicate using pheromones

Before we delve into this matter, let us first understand what the word pheromone means. In few words, pheromones are chemicals found in different species of animals that are released to convey some type of message. It could be a call to ‘have’ sex; it could be a warning to ward off competition against resource or simply a cry for help from a rat that is in distress. These chemicals are detected and interpreted by other animals the same species through smell. Therefore, this triggers the right response from the intended parties. So what are these pheromones?

The Primer pheromones
We can call these the sex hormones and are basically released by the female rat. To convey a message of its fertility by;

• Alerting the males that it is at the peak of its fertile period.
• Sending an invitation to the willing partner to come and mate.

The willing partner in this case the male will release its own pheromones from a part of its brain known as the Vomeronasal.

What does Vomeronasal do?
It’s a very powerful pheromone and can cause;

• The rapid growth of females into fertility
• Miscarriages in pregnant rats.

The Releaser Pheromone
These pheromones are the communication tools that alert other rats about another rat’s space.

• These pheromones are best found in the rat’s urine. Explains the little puddles you may see all over your attic or basement.
• Will serve as a territory marking tool, and hence will discourage other rats from getting comfortable within that rats space.
• The urine could also be used as a signal that a mother is other ready to nurse her babies.

The information Pheromone
This one will basically can be considered like the social tool the rat uses to inform the other rats.

• In what emotional state they are in. Whether distressed or not.
• If they are fed, and if so what they may have eaten.
• To get information out of other animals, their nature state and aggressive levels towards them.

Quite interesting indeed, it seems that it’s not really in the squeaking sounds they make; it is more about how they smell to each other. By understanding how they communicate, we are able to understand their behaviors and hare better able to control or curb their populations in our homes. Clearly their highly sensitive noses serve as our years serve us.

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