Do rats make good pets?

Rats are considered as the low maintenance pets and they are mostly adored because of their furry appearance. When anyone thinks about the furry pets, the names which most commonly come into our minds are rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. But there is another furry and cute animal which can be kept as a pet and in fact it makes a very good pet. It is not only gentle but also social animal and these pets are very good especially when they are found napping in your laps. There are different kinds of rats. There are brown rats, grey rats and white albino rats which seem to be most adorable.

Keeping rats as pets
Many people do not favor keeping rats as their pets. But as a matter of fact, they can make very good pets. There are many reasons for which rats are considered as very good pets and they also make very good pets. Some of the reasons for which rats can make good pets are as follows:

Rats are intelligent creatures
Rats have been used since old times for the maze studies by the psychologists. The rats can play and entertain not only themselves but also their owners. In addition to this, they can also play creative games by means of tissue paper rolls and simple ping pong balls.

Rats are clean animals
As compared to other animals which are kept as pets, rats are very clean creatures and they do their cleanliness activities much more diligently. Rats not only maintain their own cleanliness but they also groom others when it comes to maintenance of their cleanliness. Just like the cats, which keep themselves clean and maintain their coat by rubbing off and licking all the dirt, in the same way the rays also maintain their cleanliness in the maximum possible way.

Rats have got an amazing personalities
Rats are not only very entertaining creatures but these are also very loving and loyal animals. These animals can prove to be the most affectionate, loving and interactive pets. The only thing is that you have to give them enough time and space in order to adjust themselves to the new environment.

Rats are great pets for children
Rats are considered as the best pocket pets and in fact they are like that. Especially these are best pets for children. They can play with the children and entertain them very well. Rats are very calm creatures and they do not make any random or sudden movements. Therefore they can be easily kept by children as well.

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