Do Rats Hibernate?

Rats are long-tailed rodent that look similar to mice but larger in size. They are among the animals that usually cause serious infestations to homeowners which made most homeowners ready to get rid of them. Due to their scarcity during the cold winter season most people are of opinion that they usually hibernate. But, the actual truth is that rats do not hibernate in any season of the year. Rather they are always active round the year.

What you must know about rats
Unlike other wild animals that usually go into hibernation mood during the winter season in order to avoid being killed by cold, rats are always active round the year. The only thing about rat is that their breeding normally slows down during the winter season but increases rapidly during the summer season. Even in the cold winter rats can still continue with their normal breeding when they find a nice accommodation where they can escape from the sudden winter cold. You can become the kind withy soul rats are looking for to take refuge when you make your home attractive to them.

Where rats usually spend their cold season
You should never think that rats usually hibernate during the winter season as they do not hibernate for any reason. They are constantly looking for the best and most comfortable place to stay in order to avoid the cold. Your garage, home and other parts of your property can easily become such an attractive place for rats making them to choose to live in that place.

Why rats do not hibernate during the winter season like other animals
Have you ever wondered why rats do not hibernate like every other animal, the answer is not farfetched. The body of rats is covered with thick fur that do not allow cold to easily penetrate through their skin to the body. In that regard, they usually active and ready to move around and even continue with the breeding during the cold harsh winter season. In fact, the ability of rats to continue with their breeding during and after the winter season is among the reasons their population is always high.

Avoid rats coming into your house at any time
You should never allow rats to share any part of your house as that can be deadly and completely destructive. They can easily eat up things in your house, chew on wires and even infect your pets with different kinds of bacterial and viral diseases. These are what made it nice to always keep rats away from out dwelling.

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