Do More Rats Live In The Urban Areas, Or Wild Areas?

Rats are territorial animals and are never keen selectors of a living environment, however, their natural habitat is deep in the wild. In this day and era, most of the rats have found their way to the urban areas. They can be seen at work places, homes, schools, restaurants and even hotels. Rats escape the harsh conditions of the wild like:

• Predators
• Flash floods
• Forest fires
• Migration
• Pests and diseases

Why do they prefer urban areas?
Rats often face a fatal consequence when they leave their habitat to another. They subject themselves to death because other rat colonies can wipe them off. Invading another rat territory calls for a face off which leaves them dead. This is the reason most rats escape the wild for the urban areas since they don’t know which territory they are invading at any point. The urban areas therefore, offer the safe haven for them. Garbage sites and food storesare found in every corner of a town, rats always find food here.

Why don’t rats prefer their natural habitat?
The natural habitat of the rats offer goodies as well as other precarious elements. As much as the natural habitat is best suited for the rats, it is not as safe as intended. A rat’s lifespan is shorter in the wild than in the urban areas. Natural calamities occur often in forests and wild areas, these events usually trigger rapid migration. Such incidences like floods, diseases and fires eventually make the rats to relocate and seek the comfort of urban areas.

Which places do they reside?
Rats in towns can convert any place to a living den. They will get inside the houses through holes at the attics or basements. Rats will stay inside hollow walls in the building and feed on food remnants. Rats are good at detecting food, they will sniff around and find cereal bags and other sources. Once they are sure that they have a constant supply of food, they will establish their home in such a place.

How to get rid of rats in your home?
Rats become a menace in your home when they start destroying property. They can chew wooden materials, cables lying around and far worst, spread diseases. Rat traps are the best to deter the rats, use as many traps as possible to kill many rats within a short period.

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