How to get rats out of the attic

Humans fear rats. They are considered as a plague-carrier and a troublesome fellow. Aside from spreading bacteria in your homes, their bodies may also have ticks or fleas. Poor pets at home can acquire it in no time. They bring such a headache as long as they are around. They destroy your belongings, persistently open your food container storage, or even gnaw on your favorite Cheerios on the dining table. Don’t get caught railroading their place too or they might bite you.

Detecting infiltration
Learning how to identify rat infiltration can help you determine your next course of action. Here are some signs to look for in your attic:

• Noises in your attic at night time might possibly mean rats inside. These noises can be from screeching, stomping, and chewing.
• Droppings mean they have a steady food supply. Rat droppings look like a long grain of rice or a bit bigger.
• Marks on the corners or sides of the walls. These marks may look like scratches from nails or chew marks from teeth. They may also leave footprints in areas covered with dust.

Shooing away
Rat repellents work by driving them away. Naphthalene balls, ammonia, and peppermint oil emit strong scents which can either irritate them or imitate predator urine. The efficacy of repellents depend on how immune these rats are to the substance/s. These usually work initially but eventually fail as rats adapt to them.

Trapping successfully
The most humane trap available is the snap trap when properly placed. It is designed to accommodate a small bait to be able to catch rats effectively. When a rat touches the trigger, it will automatically raise the bar aiming at the rat’s head and kill it. Snap trap can be cleaned after use and disposal of corpse. Another trap widely available is the glue board. This holds a sticky substance that will cling to the hair and skin of rats when touched. Depending on the size of the rat, how secure the board is, and how the glue touched the rat, it may be or may not be effective.

Nothing beats cleanliness
Rats love dark, cluttered, and undisturbed places. Attics must be regularly cleaned and organized to be able to spot on unwanted dwellers early or just create a disruptive environment for them. In addition, elimination of possible sources of food, water, and shelter will make your home unattractive.

Get rid of them before it’s too late. Trapping and preventing them from entry will slowly but surely eliminate them. Or else, they can evict you in your own home in no time.

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