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How to get rid of rats outside

Rats are such creatures which seem to be harmless and cute but in fact they can pose some very serious threats in the form of infestations and the damage caused in your house to various possessions. Therefore it is very important to get rid of them as soon as you get a hint of rats and their presence in your house. There are certain steps which you must follow in order to get rid of the rats and then help out in the cleaning up of your house.

Sealing all the holes and openings in your house

Rats and other rodents can gain access into your house through even the minor holes and cracks in your walls or roofs. Therefore the first step to block their entry into the house is to seal all such entry points so that further entry of the rats can be banned. Sometimes the rodents like rats and mice use these holes and cracks as their two way means of transport and communication. Although it may be difficult to block all the entry points of the house but it is very important and necessary. You have to thoroughly check around the foundations and door frames where any crack might be present which be later on used by the rats to enter into the house.

Get rid of the rodents which might be present already in your house

The task of removing rodents which might be present already in your house can be performed by using the traps of different kinds. If you want to kill them directly, then you have to use the snap traps. There is another kind of trap which is usually not encouraged much and that is the glue trap. The glue trap sticks to the animal fur and it cannot move anywhere. Ultimately it leaves the animal to die a slow and painful death.

Minimize and remove the attractions of rodents

You might not know but the rats may get attracted into your house by a number of ways. You can repel the rats by simply applying some strong repellents which can deter the rats and make them stay away from your house and possessions. This can be done by spraying ammonia at the entry and exit points so that the rats can be deterred in such places. Secondly the rats can also be repelled by spreading the mothballs in your attic where they are most likely to build nests and give birth to babies.

How to get rid of rats outside

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