How to Get Rats Out Of a Wall

Rodents are not very picky when it comes to choosing a realistic habitat. They choose their residence with safety and food in mind, in that they can live anywhere as long as there is a bountiful and constant supply of food. That being said, rats are irritating when they find a safe haven in your house. They will rip everything apart and destroy most of your treasured items. You will find them roaming in the attics, basements, kitchen, stores and even inside the walls. Rats inside a wall is a lot scarier than in any place and you need to avoid such situations.

How do they get inside the walls?
Perhaps you have heard some scratching and little feet scurrying in the walls at night. It is more likely that you are harboring some rats in your house. Most of the rats in any house are probably born there, but how do they get inside in the first place? Rats enter the house through unscreened air vents, eaves’ gaps, and open A/C chases at the ground level. They also use gaps at the outer wall and run up the wall to the attics then come down from the inside when they detect food.

Rat activities inside the walls
Besides finding a safe place to stay, rats pose a significant life hazard to your house. They binge on wood and electrical wires- which may start fires. They also pee and poop in these wall hideouts and the odor from the place is horrible. These smell is not only unpleasant to human but also attracts other rats to come and stay there. They reproduce from here and store food here too.

Side effects of rats in a home
Spaces inside the wall can be safe or a death trap. In case the walls are too slippery, a rat can’t climb out to safety, it will eventually die of starvation. Many rats can be trapped here and emit the nastiest of smells. The rats staying inside the walls spread diseases. They reign havoc in the building and here are some problems they cause:

• Power outages(nibbling power cables)
• Food damage
• Property (they chew plastic and wooden stuff)
• Spread diseases
• Emit awful smell and are distrustful

Lasting solution
Inspect the entire house from the roof top to the ground and seal all open spaces regardless of the sizes. Make sure they are sealed with a non-chewable item like wires. Lay traps strategically in the attics to exterminate the rest.

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